One Game a Month - 2015 Edition

It's a new year, and that means I'll be taking part in the One Game a Month challenge again.

I didn't do particularly well last time around, and after the midway point of the year things ground to a halt as work projects needed more attention. It was definitely a learning experience though, and I learnt a lot about the mistakes I make and (hopefully) how to avoid them.

As before, I'll be writing about what happens here and on Twitter (@Sodaware), and you can view my #1GAM profile here:

Good luck to everyone that takes part!

The Dogetober Challenge

For the past few years, the Ludum Dare community has been running the October Challenge. The idea is to create a game, release it and earn $1. Earning money from creating a game can be even more difficult than creating the game itself, so the challenge is a good way to test the waters without too much pressure.

There is also the Games 4 Doge contest going on this October, where the challenge is to create a game that incorporates the Dogecoin digital currency in some way.

For October I'll be taking part in both, and documenting the process here and on my Twitter account.

Good luck to all the entrants, and I look forward to trying all your games!