Blitz.FontApi – TTF font functions for Blitz.

Version: 0.1
Latest Release: 26th October, 2007
Licence: Free to use and modify without restriction.


Blitz.FontApi contains some useful functions for using TTF fonts. At the moment it’s only useful for extracting information from the “NAME” table, but if there’s demand I’ll add more functionality.

The most common use of this library is to load a TTF font and get the “Windows” name so it can be loaded by Blitz.

Quick Installation Guide

Include “”, “” into your projects.

Quick Example

; Endian support
Include ""

; Load the font
Local myFont.TTF = TTF_Load("C:/Windows/Fonts/Verdana.ttf")

; Print some details
Print "This font's family is called: " + TTF_GetFontName(myFont)
Print "Copyright: " + TTF_Name_GetProperty(myFont, TTF_NAME_ID_COPYRIGHT)

; Cleanup


This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.