#1GAM 2017 - March's Entry: ZAP 2000

I spent most of March working on my game framework, which didn't leave a lot of time for my #1GAM entry. I still wanted to enter something, so I fixed a couple of minor bugs in Zap and added "2000" to the title. Exciting!

Changes made:

  1. Scores stopped saving correctly after the switch to https. Now fixed.
  2. Enemy explosions now match the colour of the enemy. No more green particles for red enemies!
  3. Enemies can no longer spawn on top of the player.

Play `ZAP 2000`

#1GAM 2017 - February's Entry: Splodey Boats 2000

Splodey Boats 2000

Splodey Boats 2000 is a port of Splodey Boats, a game I wrote back in 2014 for Ludum Dare. There were two main reasons I went with a port instead of a new game:

  1. I wanted to see how much effort was involved in using my game framework
  2. Mini Shinobi was really, really hard to make and I wanted something less taxing

I'm a bit on the fence about the finished product. It wasn't as much effort to make as Mini Shinobi, but it's also quite half-baked and missing some polish. It's also missing features from the original, such as powerups and the online score table. I'd like to get them added in a future update, but for now it seemed better to just get something out the door.

That sounds quite negative, but I did manage to port things relatively easily. There were some bumps along the way, but overall it's pretty close to the Flixel version.

Play `Splodey Boats`