#1GAM 2017 - February's Entry: Splodey Boats 2000

Splodey Boats 2000

Splodey Boats 2000 is a port of Splodey Boats, a game I wrote back in 2014 for Ludum Dare. There were two main reasons I went with a port instead of a new game:

  1. I wanted to see how much effort was involved in using my game framework
  2. Mini Shinobi was really, really hard to make and I wanted something less taxing

I'm a bit on the fence about the finished product. It wasn't as much effort to make as Mini Shinobi, but it's also quite half-baked and missing some polish. It's also missing features from the original, such as powerups and the online score table. I'd like to get them added in a future update, but for now it seemed better to just get something out the door.

That sounds quite negative, but I did manage to port things relatively easily. There were some bumps along the way, but overall it's pretty close to the Flixel version.

Play `Splodey Boats`

#1GAM 2017 - Week 5

For February I'm rebuilding "Splodey Boats", a game I wrote for Ludum Dare in 2014. Mini Shinobi was a lot of hard work so I wanted something a little lighter for February. Splodey Boats seemed like a good choice for a couple of reasons:

  • It's a small and complete experience
  • It's a good candidate to get more practice with using entity/component systems
  • It has a lot of particle effects which I haven't built into my framework yet.
  • It won't take 70 hours to complete

Building a completely new game is far more exciting, but revisiting an old one is good practice too.

Visit the Splodey Boats 2000 hub page for a more detailed view of the project's progress.