Last Update: 14th March, 2017
Licence: LGPLv3


pangolin.mod is a work-in-progress game framework for BlitzMax.


Clone the repository into your BlitzMax mod directory.

cd /path/to/blitzmax/mod/
git clone

Alternatively, download the latest release and extract the contents of the archive to your blitzmax modules directory.

Included modules

The following modules are included as part of pangolin:

console : A quake style debug console.

contentdb : Create and manage reusable entity templates.

core : The game kernel and base services.

entities : Component/system based game entities.

events : Game event service.

game : Base game type and screen manager.

gfx : 2D graphics render queue.

particles : Flexible particle system.

profiler : Ultra-simple profiling functionality.

resources : Resource loader and manager.

sessions : Store and retrieve game session information.

tilemap : Tilemap that supports multiple layers, animated tiles and more.

tilemap_renderer : Render 2D tilemaps.