Version: 0.1.0
Release Date: 10th October, 2019
Licence: GPLv3


docgen is a tool for extracting information from BlitzMax source and exporting it into another file format.

It is currently under heavy development and isn't 100% ready yet.


docgen parses BlitzMax source files and creates a JSON file containing types, functions, methods and other BlitzMax constructs. It can also extract data from XML documentation tags.

It does not currently extract bbdoc tags. If you're looking to generate project documentation from bbdoc, BlitzMax's built-in tools will be a better fit.

For example, the following BlitzMax:

''' <summary>This is my function.</summary>
''' <return>The current time.</return>
Function doThis:String()
    Return CurrentTime()
End Function

Will be parsed into this:

  "docgen": {
    "version": "",
    "created_at": "09 Oct 2019 12:08:50"
  "files": [
      "name": "text.bmx",
      "last_modified": "2019-10-9 12:8:13",
      "globals": [],
      "constants": [],
      "types": [],
      "functions": [
          "name": "doThis",
          "type": "String",
          "summary": "This is my function.",
          "description": "",
          "returnType": "String",
          "returnDescription": "The current time.",
          "seeAlso": "",
          "example": "",
          "line": 3,
          "column": 1


docgen takes the following command line parameters.

  • -i or --input -- The file or module name to parse.
  • -o or --output -- The file to save information to.
  • -m or --mod-path -- The full path to BlitzMax's mod directory. Only required when passing a mod name in --input.

For example:

  • docgen -i=file.bmx -o=data.json will parse file.bmx and save the json data as data.json.
  • docgen -i=brl.basic -o=brl_basic.json -m=/path/to/mods will extract data from the brl.basic module.

docgen will automatically parse any included or imported files in the input file.



  • BlitzMax
  • Modules required (not including built-in brl.mod and pub.mod):
    • sodaware.mod
      • sodaware.blitzmax_array
      • sodaware.console_color
      • sodaware.console_commandline
      • sodaware.file_config
      • sodaware.file_config_iniserializer
      • sodaware.file_fnmatch
      • sodaware.file_json
      • sodaware.file_util
    • bah.mod
      • bah.volumes
      • bah.libxml


To build the app in release mode, run the following from the command line:

bmk makeapp -h -r -o build/docgen src/main.bmx

Alternatively, if blam is installed run blam in the project directory.

Copy the docgen executable to its final destination.


Released under the GPLv3. See COPYING for the full licence.