Version: 0.1.0
Release Date: 24th May, 2019
Licence: GPLv3


MaxCop is a work-in-progress attempt at a BlitzMax source code checker.

maxcop in action

Quick Installation Guide

  1. Extract the contents of the MaxCop zip to a directory.
  2. Optional Add this directory to your PATH variable (how do I do this on Windows?)

Basic Usage

Running maxcop in your project folder will perform a complete scan of any BMX source files.

maxcop also supports passing one or more files or directories.

maxcop src my_file.bmx

Configuring Rules

MaxCop searches the current directory for a maxcop_rules.ini file.

Rules can be disabled by including their full name and setting enabled to false:


Rule options can be set in a similar way.


Optional configuration

To enable scanning of modules by name, maxcop needs to configured with the correct module paths.

Create a file called "maxcop.ini" in the same directory as maxcop. An example would look something like this (replacing the full paths with ones for your system):

win32 = c:\full\path\to\blitzmax\mods\
linux = /full/path/to/blitzmax/mods/
macos = /full/path/to/blitzmax/mods/

This step is only required if you wish to scan modules by name (e.g. running maxcop brl.basic) instead of with an absolute path.