Splodey Boats


Destroy the enemy submarines using your depth charges. You may only drop one charge at a time.

This is a port of Splodey Boats, my Ludum Dare #29 entry. The original was built in 48 hours using AS3 and the Flixel library.

# Controls

  • and to move.
  • SPACE to drop a depth charge.
  • SPACE to detonate a dropped charge.
  • S to emit a sonar pulse.
  • ESC to quit.

# Credits and Thanks

  • Phil Newton -- Code, graphics and sounds
  • James Newton -- Music

Jam Finally Finish Something 2021


Source files 123
Lines of code 6,091
Time worked 30 hours 54 minutes

Daily Activity

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Milestone 1 - Mines and missiles


Add plane at random intervals

Add dropping mine

Add collision and timer to mine

Update missiles to take damage

Milestone 2 - Powerups


Add dropping crate

Add `Cluster Bomb` powerup

Add `Mega Barrel` powerup

Add `Smart Bomb` powerup

Add `Homing Bomb` powerup

Add `Missile Bomb` powerup

Add health+, charge+ and sonar+ powerups

Milestone 3 - High scores


Add game over screen

Add name entry to game over screen

Add screen that lists local high scores

Cycle between title and high-score table

Milestone 4 - Advanced controls


Add game pad support

Milestone 5 - Online high scores


Submit player scores

Sync local table with online table

Add a separate screen for online high scores

Create online page for high scores

Milestone 6 - Polish!


Add fireworks when stage is complete

Add animations to title screen

Add plants and rocks

Add bubbles to missiles

Milestone 7 - Advanced configuration


Add ability to modify all entities via config

Add ability to set game rules via config

Add additional level customization

Milestone 8 - Final polish


Add full screen mode

Create a Raspberry Pi build

Re-balance levels

Add a complete README