Mini Shinobi


Mini Shinobi is a platform game. The aim is to explore the world and find the missing 4 artifacts (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water). Once these are recovered the door to the final level will open and the boss can be challenged.

It's not very good.

# Controls

Use the arrow keys move around. `S` for jump. `D` for attack. Push `Up` to go through black doorways. Holding `Down` when jumping will drop you down through bridges and ledges.

# Credits and Thanks

This game would not have been possible without the generosity of people that submitted art to

The following assets are used by this game:

The excellent music was created by *James Newton*.

Jam Finally Finish Something


Source files 101
Lines of code 6,121
Time worked 71 hours 02 minutes

Daily Activity

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Milestone 1 - Full movement and map exploration


Walk and run around (with animation)

Jump (with animation)

Collide with walls and floors

Jump down from certain platforms (using down and jump)

Simple tilemap that scrolls when the player moves

Milestone 2 - Enemies and things


Attack using a punch

There must be at least one enemy type to fight

Enemies should have a health bar show when they're damaged

Nice explosion (or something) when enemies are defeated

Crates that can be smashed

Milestone 3 - First powerup


Start with a single jump ability

Collect a powerup (doesn't need to look fancy) that enables double jump

Double jump once powerup is collected

Milestone 4 - More enemies and a full loop


Take damage from enemies


A way to win

Collect permanent health increases (in test placements)

Collect health restoration powerups

Fight a couple of enemy types. Some should take multiple hits.

Milestone 5 - Some polish


Title screen

Game over screen with results (time, enemies killed, score etc)

Parallax scrolling background

Animated tiles (waterfall)

Ability to look up and down


Display a message when powerups are collected

Milestone 6 - More powerups



Ninja vision

Dark area that requires ninja vision

Milestone 7 - Bosses!


Some kind of boss battle (locked room, can't exit until victory)

Get the double jump powerup from a boss

Milestone 8 - Area transitions and basic puzzles


Multiple areas that can be jumped between (e.g. Metroid zones)

Switches that need punching to do something

Blocks that can be smashed to reveal tunnels

Milestone 9 - More powerups


The mighty shuriken

Puzzles that use it (switches that need hitting)

Milestone 10 - Made it this far


More bosses

More enemies

More powerups

More areas

More polish