Splodey Boats


Destroy the enemy submarines using your depth charges. You may only drop one charge at a time. At night, use sonar to find enemies. It gets better once you hit mission 3-1, I promise!

This is a port of Splodey Boats, my Ludum Dare #29 entry. The original was built in 48 hours using AS3 and the Flixel library.

# Controls

  • and to move
  • SPACE to drop a depth charge
  • SPACE to detonate a dropped charge
  • S to emit a sonar pulse

# Credits and Thanks

  • Phil Newton -- Code, graphics and sounds
  • James Newton -- Music


Source files 88
Lines of code 3,989
Time worked 20 hours 20 minutes

Daily Activity

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Milestone 1 - Initial setup


Basic title screen

Empty gameplay screen stub

Full build setup

Milestone 2 - Basic gameplay


Controllable boat

Depth charge dropping and exploding

Moving submarines

Destroyable submarines

Milestone 3 - Simple progression


Level intro screen

Level ending screen

Different level modifiers

Milestone 4 - Powerups


Add dropping crate

Add `Cluster Bomb` powerup

Add `Mega Barrel` powerup

Add `Smart Bomb` powerup

Add `Homing Bomb` powerup

Add `Missile Bomb` powerup

Milestone 5 - Full progression


Add moving to next level

Add day/night transitions

Add game over screen with name entry

Milestone 6 - Sonar and skills


Add sonar ability

Add missiles from enemy submarines

Add player health

Add fish

Add mine dropper and working mines

Milestone 7 - High scores


Add online scoreboard integration

Milestone 8 - Polish!


Add sinking submarines

Add proper explosion to player

Add screen shake when enemy sub hits the ground

Add splash particles

Add bubbles from submarines and depth charges

Add fireworks when stage is complete

Milestone 9 - Advanced controls


Add gamepad support