Fitznik 2

Fitznik 2

Play the sequel to the highly popular Fitznik! Guide Fitz through 63 challenging new levels that will push your puzzling skills to the limit. Collect gems, avoid tricky traps, and solved treacherous puzzles to win!

Guide Fitz through 63 brand new levels, solving puzzles and collecting treasure along the way! This time there are even more obstacles to avoid, with pressure places, Fitz-seeking droids, and force-fields to keep you on your toes.

Fitznik 2 has something for new and old players alike. And just like Fitznik, it is easy to learn but tricky to master.


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Puzzles for Fitznik veterans and novices alike. Don't worry if you've never played Fitznik before! You'll be given helpful hints as you progress through each game, so puzzles are never unfair.
Use items to solve puzzles. Some puzzles require the use of special items to solve. In this level Fitz must use bombs to destroy boulders that are blocking the way, but be careful not to stand too close!
Even more traps and enemies to avoid. There are many devious enemies in each level that will hinder your progress. Snakes will shoot fireballs if they see you, so you will need to carefully chart your path to get around them.
Use interactive elements to your advantage. Need to cross a river but can't swim? Push a heavy boulder and make your own bridge! Fitznik 2 is full of sneaky levels that will push your logic and puzzle-solving abilities.


  • 63 fiendish levels to play through
  • Cunning new traps and enemies to avoid
  • Solve puzzles at your own pace
  • Playful music and sounds
  • New additions are fun to learn but difficult to master
  • Non-violent fun for the whole family

Full Version Benefits

  • Unlimited play
  • 54 levels to play plus 9 free bonus levels
  • View helpful tips if your get stuck
  • New items and obstacles
  • No more nag screens


  • Windows
  • 500MHz CPU
  • 64MB Memory