One Game a Month - 2014 Edition

This year I'm taking part in One Game a Month. I originally planned to enter it last year, but ended up getting caught up with regular work. The last playable game I released was Ineptia back in April 2012, and lately I've been itching to start making games again.

So far I've got a bunch of ideas I want to experiment with, ranging in size from single button games to text adventures and maybe something with an online component. Of course, coming up with a bunch of ideas is much easier than actually making them. I'm making a special effort to use what I learnt in previous game jams – KEEP IT SIMPLE.

If anything, I expect it to be harder to make games in a month than in 48 hours. Knowing there's a hard deadline means you have to be pretty ruthless with cutting features, but a month seems like an absolute age to get things done.

I'll be writing about what happens here and on Twitter (@Sodaware), and you can view my #1GAM profile here:

Good luck to everyone that takes part!

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