A New Look, And a New Direction

I'm sure I don't need to point out that this blog now has a fresh coat of pixel-based paint. I hope it's now easier to read, and also more in keeping with the rest of the site.

As I mentioned last week, I'm splitting the personal development articles into a separate blog over at PhilNewton.net. My main motivation for this is to keep this blog more focussed, and avoid alienating too many people. I'm sure developers enjoy reading about personal development, but I'm not so sure that people looking for personal development articles care about software development.

Upcoming Topics

Some of the things I intend to write about in the upcoming months:

  • What's Being Developed – Despite increased attention to blogging, I'm still developing my first title. I'll be writing about all the hair-pulling, desk-smashing and tea drinking that comes with the territory.
  • Game Design Lessons – This will be a regular set of articles examining games, and discussing what design can be learnt from them.
  • Development Tips – Tips on indie game development, with a focus on methodologies that can be used to increase developer productivity.
  • Handy Tools – A look at tools that help with the painful aspects of game development.

The Best of the Rest

Here's a few links to some of the best stuff that's been written on this blog:

Stick Around

You can subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed provided, so you'll always know when new articles are added.

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