Game Ratings Now Live

You may have noticed the "Community" box appearing on all of the game pages, which gives two new features:

  1. Rate This Game – Any game on the site can now be given a rating of between one and five. You don't need to register to give ratings, and the system is nice and simple. If you've played a game and you want to let other people know how great (or bad) it is, please take a few moments to rate it.
  2. Tell a Friend – Want to tell a friend about the site? Now it's as easy as filling in a simple form!

There are also several new features to be added over the coming weeks, and several areas of the site will be improved to make them more attractive and more usable. Any feedback is always welcome. In case you're wondering where all of the regular blog updates have gone, the next two issues will be released on April 9th and April 23rd respectively.

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