Protean goes free

Protean IDE, an IDE for Blitz Basic has gone free today, along with a source code release. It's a shame that development fizzled out towards the end, but it was a heavy duty IDE that towered over the original Blitz editor. It's use of the .NET framework seemed to put a lot of people off, which is unfortunate because it was a nicely written piece of kit that benefitted from .NET.

One of my favourite features was the plugin engine, and although I never released any "proper" plugins, I wrote a few quick and dirty ones. Perhaps now development has ceased I'll finally get around to cleaning up and releasing something of use.

A good IDE can really improve productivity when programming, and Protean made a real difference to how I worked with Blitz (and probably kept me using it). Cheers for all your hard work over the years, Rob, and best of luck with your future endeavours!

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