Sodaware::Blog is changing!


Warning! Boring history ahead!

When I first started this blog last year, I'd originally intended it to be more geared towards game development and software. However, it turned more into a personal blog about productivity. Although I've not exactly written a huge amount, I realised I'd like to dedicate more time to this area, and I don't think the Sodaware blog is the right place for it.

What's going to happen?

I'll be changing the appearance of the blog so it matches the rest of the site, and changing the content to make it more game development oriented. The personal development side of things will be moving to a new website, which will be more focused on the topic.

The best posts from here will be added to the new site, but will remain here so as not to break existing links.

When is it going to happen?

The new design will go live on Monday 12th June, and the new site will be released at the same time. I hope you'll stick around and see what happens!

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