The Carnival of Video Game Bloggers - August Edition

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the "Carnival of Video Game Bloggers". There are lots of great entries this month, so let's right to them!

We start with James Nicholls of Gaming Legends, who presents a well-written article called "Violence causes Video Games". Whilst I don't agree with everything, he makes good points about how other forms of media get an easier ride when it comes to portraying violence.

Next up we have Scott H from College and Finance, with a list of the 16 Most Popular Video Games on College Campuses. A few of the entries on the list might surprise you.

Dominic Acito gives a Counter Strike Source Game Review over at his blog. Apparently Counter Strike is quite popular online…

If you're tired of games with multi-million dollar budgets, you might want to try out The World's Stupidest Game over at Phil for Humanity. I managed 8 straight wins before being defeated.

Jigsaw hc presents a Review at Jigsaw hc's Rants & Reviews. I hadn't actually heard of the game until reading this review, but it looks a little like Advance Wars with a hexagonal grid. If you're a strategy fan, it's certainly worth a look.

If you're looking to build a new computer for gaming, you'll definitely want to check out How to: Build a Great Gaming Rig on the Cheap posted at Free Geekery.

Fans of wrestling will want to check out MAK Johnson's WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2007 Creations - 5th August Creation Archive. There are tonnes of tutorials for creating your favourite wrestlers in WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2007.

Alexei from Refried Screens gives a tongue-in-cheek look at how videogames changed when they started to include humans in "Ban People In Videogames".

Jigsaw hc returns to give us an in-depth All-Pro Football 2K8 Review. If you're unsure about buying this title, hopefully his review will help you.

C Tango presents a humorous look at How To Quit World of Warcraft at Hollywood High Life. If you know gamers, you probably know at least one of them that is addicted to WoW.

In a similar vein, TherapyDoc from Everyone Needs Therapy presents "THIS is love?". It's a great article that looks at how people get involved in virtual worlds and can end up ruining their real life whilst "succeeding" in an alternative world.

Jill from Pocket Change gives a rundown of the New Wii System Update. Although it's not a huge update to the Wii, it's nice to see console manufacturers adding new features after launch.

If you're a fan of the upcoming Smash Bros. Brawl, John Struan has some Custom Smash Bros. Brawl Desktop Wallpapers at Super Punch.

Holly Ord presents Another Reason Why I Hate Summer at the fantastically named Menstrual Poetry. As I write this it's raining outside (again), so I can't really comment on summer as it seems to have skipped over England completely.

Snapu shares Counterstrike: Source Smoke Grenade Guide at CAE Gaming. It's a good guide for Counter Strike players looking to improve their game with smoke grenades.

Since the release of Brain Age, there have been a tonne of Brain Training games released. Alvaro Fernandez presents Brain Training Games and "Games" at SharpBrains, which provides a detailed guide for finding a brain training game that's right for you.

That's it for this issue! You can submit an article for the next carnival of video game bloggers using the carnival submission form, and view past and previous editions at the blog carnival index page.

If you're looking for more carnival fun, check out the "carnival of video game production" over at Although it's aimed at the people that make video games, there's a wide range of articles to suit every taste.

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