The Carnival of Video Game Bloggers - November Edition

Figure 1: Circus Tribe, Lemmings 2

Blimey, it's carnival time already! I'm afraid I'm being lazy again, mainly because there's snow outside and I wish to play in it before it melts away. Perhaps one day I'll be able to make a snowman in a Holodeck, but until then outside will have to do…

L. Waymire presents The Voices of Justin Gross posted at The Shadow Council Strider, saying, "His voice is deep. It resonates lowly. Decisive consonants are articulated from the lips and tongue in a strong, focused way—the kind of focus you expect from someone with an unbreakable will. The British vowels, masculine and noble, demand loyalty of the listener. It is sometimes ruthless. It is a voice undoubtedly familiar with power… That is the voice of actor Justin Gross, as recorded for the hero-turned-villain Arthas in the video game “Warcraft III.” Find out about Gross's experience working with Blizzard as Arthas, and how he became a voice-over actor in the link above."

Samuel presents Perfect Dark Zero- An Underrated Classic posted at Game Villa.

Ashton presents The Simpsons: GAME posted at Blogs Blow Dot..

Sutocu presents Halo 3 Review - Xbox posted at

Jenny presents Spent the day on RO posted at the so called me.

Jigsaw hc presents Jigsaw hc's Rants & Reviews: Tony Hawk Proving Ground Review posted at Jigsaw hc's Rants & Reviews.

Joe Qelqoth presents Sexual Advice Column: Penile Problems with MegaMan posted at The Cult of Qelqoth, saying, "MegaMan takes time out from blasting humanoids with his arm cannon to answer your serious questions on love, sex and relationships. Reader discretion is strongly advised."

Jigsaw hc presents Guitar Hero III Battle Mode Tips and Strategies posted at Jigsaw hc's Rants & Reviews.

Turnip presents Crysis Singleplayer Demo Review posted at Turnip of Power.

Turnip presents Battlefield 3: Things I would like to see improved in the next release from EA Games Turnip of Power: All things to Almonds posted at Turnip of Power.

Kabalyero presents CSI:New York meets Second Life posted at Kabalyero.

Sagar presents Top 25 Ultimate Gamer Vacations posted at Travelhacker.

Samuel presents Nokia N-Gage Returns posted at Game Villa.

Rebecca Wallace-Segall presents When one boy plays video games… he finds inspiration posted at a community of young writers in new york city.

Sarah Aswell presents The Release of Halo 3: A Day of Celebration and Remembering « BROOD posted at BROOD, saying, "my relationship with Halo, from Marathon to the release of Halo 3"

Samuel presents The History Of Arcade Games posted at Game Villa.

As always, a big thanks goes to all the contributors this month. Without your help, it wouldn't be much of a carnival!

You can submit an article for the next carnival of video game bloggers using the carnival submission form, and view past and previous editions at the blog carnival index page. The next edition is due on the 24th of December, so get cracking on those entries!

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