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What is Blitz.ZipApi?

Blitz.ZipApi is a userlib and set of helper functions for BlitzPlus and Blitz3D that allow you to use ZIP functionality, such as compression and decompression of data. The helper functions take care of the most common operations, such as adding data (either from a file or a bank) to an archive or extracting a file.

Using Blitz.ZipApi, you can compress Blitz banks, read the contents of ZIP files and create your own archives.

For the latest updates to this project, please see the Blitz.ZipApi page.


ZlibWapi.dll is released under the zlib license. More information can be found at the Zlib homepage.

The userlib declarations and wrapper functions are free to use and modify without restriction. If you modify the code, please consider letting me know what was changed and why so it can be improved. If you do use this library in a project, I'd appreciate a mention but it isn't required.

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If you find this library helpful in your projects, please consider donating. Donations of any size are always welcome!

This library has been tested, but some bugs may still be present. If you find any, please submit them to the bug tracker. I can't promise they'll be fixed right away, but I'll do my best to sort out urgent problems.

If you have any comments, please feel free to leave them here. You can also send an email or leave them as a feature request on the bug tracker.


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