#1GAM 2017 - Week 5

For February I'm rebuilding "Splodey Boats", a game I wrote for Ludum Dare in 2014. Mini Shinobi was a lot of hard work so I wanted something a little lighter for February. Splodey Boats seemed like a good choice for a couple of reasons:

  • It's a small and complete experience
  • It's a good candidate to get more practice with using entity/component systems
  • It has a lot of particle effects which I haven't built into my framework yet.
  • It won't take 70 hours to complete

Building a completely new game is far more exciting, but revisiting an old one is good practice too.

Visit the Splodey Boats 2000 hub page for a more detailed view of the project's progress.

#1GAM 2017 - January's Entry: Mini Shinobi

Mini Shinobi

Mini Shinobi is my first entry for #1GAM 2017. It's a platform game with collectible abilities and some very simple combat.

The aim is to explore the world and find the missing 4 artifacts (Earth, Wind, Fire and Water). Once these are recovered the door to the final level will open and the boss can be challenged (spoiler alert: the final boss isn't anything special).

Overall I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. I didn't get to add all the features I wanted, but there's a full game and I learnt some very valuable lessons. I'll be publishing an in-depth post-mortem later in the week.

Play `Mini Shinobi`